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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tools, Tools, Tools... 2 for now.

I have been introduced to a number of cool tools recently that may help you get along better with your PC. I have tested them and can verify that as they were provided to me they are safe. You should always take due care in downloading files that they are scanned once downloaded.

#1. SpaceMonger (link)
A wonderful guy named Sean Werkema decided to give some cool software away, one of these things is SpaceMonger. This tool will analyze your hard disk, the space it has and how it's used, and show you the big picture. You can navigate through the interface looking for files that are a true waste of space. You can open them to see what they are, but you can also delete whole folders to free up space.

#2. IrfanView (link)
If you're working with pictures and need a quick and dirty tool to crop, change, convert, or re-size them, this is the tool.

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