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Monday, November 13, 2006

All Hail the Early Adopters

We owe a great deal to those people who take the leap of faith with the newest technologies. I do it from time-to-time, but lately I've taken to the, "wait and see", accepting the lower prices of the older technologies and letting these heroes give me bouts of jealousy.

You need a certain degree of bravery to be the first with the newest thing, there are almost always bugs and quirks with the first-offs for the new thing, the technology is tested by the bit-heads that invented it and shown off to the executives to gain funding for future R&D, but the public have only been teased about it. It's a true test of your financial bravery.

There are many means of sacrifice in the EA forum, there's the risks taken with beta software, the trials of shareware, and the pain of major version upgrades out-of-sync with your partners or co-workers. The initiative to jump on the bandwagon comes with a bungie tied to you. The skill comes from jumping on and getting comfortable while leaving enough time to untie the bungie or drag along the crowd you co-exist with.

If you're willing to be the hero, be the guinea-pig, or be labelled the rebel, go for it. If not, thank them for being courageous enough to jump in, step up, or leap off for the sake of advancing technologies.

My Early Adopter Moves:
  • XBOX (success)
  • High-Speed Cable (painful but worth the experience)
  • Some MP3 player (Mattel) for mydaughter (failure, no support, poor design)

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