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Thursday, January 10, 2008

May I Scream?

I enjoy a challenge, though they have become rare these last few weeks, unless you consider that wading through files replacing several routines with a new one aimed at simplifying both functionality and testing is not a challenge of the mind, but of my fortitude for the dull and uninteresting. So, I proceed.

The need for the scream is due to a project that is going nowhere, changes need to be made, and frankly no one in the business wants to work together or take responsibility. This is frustrating. I cannot take control, it is not my role or can I assume it to be. I also recognise that I tend to look to resolve the problems not allowing my work to be sub-prime or problematic, this is counter-productive in this instance as teh project is supposed to be going away.

The tool itself is a frightful mess I had inherited. I look forward to its demise and must I resign to the many trivial updates and uninteresting changes. I have commenced that work for the moment while I employ a Project Manager to get some level of commitment and interest generated.

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