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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ASUS Eee PC: Add Color to Your Life!

ASUS Eee PC: Add Color to Your Life! - $299

Canada Computers is one of many stores selling the ASUS Eee PC. The 2G Surf is deal for those wishing to do basic e-mail, browsing, and document editing. You might do yourself a favour and pick up a USB key for storage and transfer of files to/from this sweet little PC, and perhaps a SD card of three for storage of music and/or movies, but the device will suit the needs of most students, light PC users, and those road warriors that don't need a monster.

Aside from the fashonable colour range, I prefer basic black myself, these are a reasonable start to mobil computing, though you will want to find a decent case to carry it in, and that might be as simple as locating a non-descript lunch-bag from your local WAL-MART or Zellers.

A good buy.

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