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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mobilizing Music and having it last...

Whether it's my Plantronics 903+ headset, my OEM BlackBerry ear buds or my BlackBerry Music Gateway, there's no doubt that I like music around me, and these devices really make using my BlackBerry Z10, even my 9900 an even closer companion, but the latest music device from my friends at BlackBerry is the Bluetooth connected BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker.

 It fits in the palm of your hand, has excellent quality sound (for a device of this size) and serves as either a hands-free device or remote speakers. You can even plug in headphones and it charges via micro-USB (the same as what most smartphones use). It does have an on/off switch so it's keep charged safely tucked away in a beach bag. You can even answer a call without removing your phone from the safety of a backpack or your car's console.

Once paired to your device, simply powering it up should re-acquaint the two devices, it functioned as easily with my PlayBook and my Z10, as my 9900 for a conference call.

The design is simply, simple. The folded design allows for a moderate 5mm spread to clip onto a shoulder belt in your car, a messenger-bag, or even a laptop-back should you still need to lug that around with you. If you need more privacy plug in your headphones, either those with a microphone or something more audiophilic, there's a 1/8" stereo jack on the end opposite the power switch where the charging plug is (see below).

There's no mystery to this little device, simply convenience. And while it only (for now?) comes in white, this matches my daughter's massive SkullCandy Hesh 2 headphones so while I love my new music source, I don't think it'll be long for my use, but I won't have to steal them back either. I'll buy another unit in fairly short order if that happens. I can see this being a popular addition to your summer activities.

Pick them up now from my preferred online store for BlackBerry hardware, ca.CrackBerry.com.

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