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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beware the evil-doers that spoof the good guys...

Okay, some may argue that ROGERS is not a "good-guy" but I like them, the thing is the evil-doers also like them as a source of targets, you.

This is phishing, this email's content and context look correct, but if you hover over the URL (web address) you'll notice it doesn't match the text, this is a BIG RED FLAG!

The site you would end up at looks EXACTLY like a ROGERS Sign-In page, it's not, it's a website that will collect as much information as possible about your accounts, credit card, etc. then the owners will do their best to steal your money.

Be careful, be AWARE of what you do online.

By the way, the questions they asked if you were crazy enough to follow the link and sign in, I used a bogus password, are enough to steal your identity!