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Sunday, April 12, 2009

For Hire: Tech Guy

It's tough to find a job for which there seems to be no definitive job description beyond, "Our technology guy." There's a closed and quiet market for the technical resource in a small-to-medium sized business, often the roll is inherited out of necessity as the company expands and has more requirements than the ISP can offer. Often these companies get cosy with a local supplier of PCs and they grow from there, but how do I get this role? and... Why do I want it?

It is often said that it is who you know not what you know that gets you the best opportunities. This is partially true, in that if you know someone well enough for them to offer you a job, you can expect that they have some idea of what you know before they make the offer. The question is how do you get to know the right person? That answer is coverage! You need to get out there and represent yourself, be active in your community and help people, though not necessarily for free. In fact if people are happy with your work at a fair market value, they will be more than happy to hire or refer you. I've been told that the best advertising for a small business is great customer service, though knowing what to charge and how to say no is important.

Why do I want a role as the 'tech guy' in a small business? Simply, the variety. I like a challenge and helping people, those two issues come together for small business quite often, being one or more small-business' technical resource would offer me the variety to make my day-to-day challenging and, frankly, fun. If business 'A' doesn't want teh expense of a full-time person, I'm happy with that, I live in Brampton, Ontario, near Steeles Ave. and Bramalea Road. This area is well connected for transit and I can certainly get around to more than one site in a day, it could even be worked into a once-a, twice-a, or every other week mixture. I'll handle the technology, you just tell me what you want and need, we'll work out the budget and I'll get things done.

If you're looking for this sort of help, I want to be your 'tech guy.'