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Monday, August 25, 2014

Where's My Damned Start Menu?

Windows 8.0, was a mistake, it took the intelligence of interface design for a tablet or touch-based system and supplanted it onto an operating system and user base that didn't want or deserve it. Sure, you can make due with the modern Windows interface with no name. Yes, while it was called Metro during development they found they couldn't call it that so it lost it's identity. The die hard and annoyed user base still call it Metro out of spite or frustration.

The reality is, we hate it. Sure it has it's place on touch-based systems, but the rest of us hate it, hate being forced to use it. Sometimes we don't want to reach for the screen, we're comfortable with the mouse or touch-pad.

Windows 8.1 was an improvement, it's the only version of the operation system I'd run, but we've been cheated. Microsoft cheated us out of a decent system and left us for dead. Promises of bringing back the Start Menu, a proper version of it, have all but vanished in an 8.x release, but the real crime is the rumour that Windows 9 is on the horizon and my fear is that Microsoft will ransom the user community for a proper shell, a proper operating system in the form of an upgrade. They really need to wake up and recognize that they've already ripped off their customers and it's high time they apologize to them with a replacement, a free upgrade, to Windows 9.0.

If they don't, the revolution against this hazardous waste of an OS will lead the masses across the technical Red Sea to the lands of Linux, Apple's OS/X, and ChromeOS, and I'll lead the charge. Especially considering the threats to end support for the last usable version of Windows, version 7.0.

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